söndag 3 januari 2016

2015 recap

So 2015 is finally over. I am saying finally because it was an overwhelming year for me. A lot of changes happened but also a lot of things stayed the same or did not develop the way I wanted them to. 

I accomplished a lot of my personal goals; I took my bachelor degree, I started not only one but two master studies, of which one is abroad and required a lot of effort for me to enter, I got myself a second job in fashion and I did great as the coach for the girls dance group I'm coaching. 

Although I did not develop my blog the way I wanted,  I did not travel quite as much as I planned and I did not got a job in my field of study after my bachelor degree I know see that that might not have been quite bad as it seems. 

My lack of ambition to achieve everything I aimed made me see some perspective of everything. I like to think it's not always about the goals you achieve, even if there is glory in success too, but sometimes you learn a lot about yourself and life in general. 

I learned that I can't depend that much on people, specially some people since they always put themselves before anything or anyone. I am insanely grateful for my friends and all the great people I have in my life but I now see as I am always trying to reach out to everyone or always have time for everyone else need, I often forgot about my needs and goals in life. At the end of the day everyone is thinking about their own lives, so I really have to put all of my focus on myself & my dreams. 
I also learned about the stuff that makes me unproductive, what stresses me out or puts me in a bad place and hopefully I will eliminate these in 2016. 

I don't believe an era of your life ends as the old year ends. I believe the New Year is a chance for all of us to look at our lives from bird point of view and from that point clean up our closets, our minds and life from negative stuff we want to see less off in the New Year! 

Happy New Year dear readers 


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