fredag 10 juni 2016

New York City Storytelling

New York - the city that's thousand of books, songs, movies and love stories made about it, the city that millions of peaple dream of - and all of that for a reason. There is no word that descries this city better than - unbelievable. 

It was the first time for me to visit the states, and NY was the perfect place to start. I stayed at my friends place in Upper East Side so asking me about hotels is pointless. But as I have a great sense of location, After a few days I already felt as a local, with all of its areas, stress, uptown, downtown and acting like an New Yorker. 

There are shopping stores and streets everywhere in New York, there is also a Starbucks in every corner. My recommendation is to start in an area and then just explore it and walk on. We found some monuments and tourist attractions hat we really wanted to is it so we started the day of by taking a subway to the nearest station and then walk in the area. 

Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street and One World Centre Memorial place are pretty close. the tall buildings stretching all the way into the clouds are amazing. Time Square is pretty close to Madison Square Garden, Empire State Building, Macy´s and a lot of other stores. Please save money for shopping in US. I was investigating all the shops months ahead, but was still positively surprised as I was walking truth the city. There are so many stores You could never imagine exist. 

If you have the opportunity, and courage, hire a car and drive pff to Jersey, trough the suburbs Queens and Brooklyn. I was fascinated with the suburbs but there is not much to do there. Manhattan is amazing, but it really is u bubble. If going outside this bubble You will see the real American Life, which I did and don't regret it at all. 

Eat at a Whole Foods, an delicious organic store. New York has a lot of organic and vegan restaurants and fast-food look-a-like restaurants. Visit Meatpacking District, south of Manhattan if you want to head for a night out with is really recommended. 

I am too much of an Europe lover to ever imagine living in the sets for a long time, but New York is a place definitely worth visiting  at least once in a lifetime. 

Take Care, 

NYC Snapshots april-may 2016

onsdag 24 februari 2016

Glossybox January

I love the idea of receiving a box full of lovely beauty products every month and that is why I-'m buying GLOSSYBOX. Even if there are sometimes products or colors I do not use, as a beautylover I find it really exciting to be introduced to new products and labels and that is something I think is of value for me. 

This month, my favorite was the face cleaner from Cetaphil. It is a brand well known in the world but quite new in Sweden and I need to track it down. It makes my skin really smooth and clean. 

The lip pencil from Lip Glide had a really nice formula, maybe not the color I usually go with, but I would definitely use it more during this spring. 

There was a Cream Créme from Royal Apotic, that smells amazing and smoothens the skin. I've mostly used it as a hand cream because it is in a small packaging but it helps dry skin too.

Also a sponge, from Fix Airbrush Blending Sponge. This one is really good, but I am not using sponges that much because I like brushes more, even for creamy make up. 

Last, dark chocolate from Nelie, delicious, but I would love to exchange this for another beauty product. 

How do You guys like Glossybox? Is it totally different in Your countries than this one I received now. 

onsdag 17 februari 2016


I can't wait for spring, sunshine and warmer days. Been looking for a perfect denim skirt for a couple of days now, and here are some favorites. Number 5 from One Teaspoon is definitely my favorite but I would also dare to try number 6, just because it is really cool.
I definitely think the denim skirt is a hit for spring 2016 but I also believe each one should try and find their own model and what suits everyone the best. 


Denim wishlish

1. HERE 2. HERE 3. HERE 4. HERE 5. HERE & 6. HERE

måndag 15 februari 2016

Amazing start in Zagreb

My 2016 started in Zagreb. I spent an amazing month going to school and spending quality time with friends & family. I really love the hospitality, the spontaneous adventures and friendly people. I sure took a lot of pictures and here are some of my favorites. I am back in Sweden for now and can't wait for my next trip. Rome, New York and a second visit to Zagreb is waiting for me this spring. 


söndag 24 januari 2016

An adventure like a fairytale

I am currently in Croatia for my studies, and took the opportunity to travel to Venice as it is close. 

Venice realy is a town that looks like a fairytale. I felt so happy and blessed while walking next to the sea, all the piazzas, got lost in the narrow streets, ate to much pasta and drank too much wine in the sun. 

This is a place I will defenitley go back to ❤️🇮🇹