söndag 10 maj 2015

Kardashian as a style icon?

So, the other day I was havig a green smoothie with my BFF and our conversation went on to Kardashians, their jobs, style, lives, everything. And as we gossiped on with a little bit of envy, neither of us would admit, we could agree on one thing; their style has really changed into becoming almost iconic, especially Kim. 
And it's funny how someone who is rich, and have money to buy stylists, make up artists, clothes, shoes, and everything could become iconic. 
For me, a style icon is someone with wide knowledge about everything related to fashion, someone who makes art of fashion and someone who does it on their own terms. Bought style can not make a style icon in my oppinion. 
And here I am, arguing myself because despite my strong oppinion, I still can't help myself admiring Kim's style and wish I have her closet. 

What do You think about the Kardashians style? 

 Photos: Facebook Kardashian Kollection

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