torsdag 8 januari 2015


Hello dear readers! 
Hope you all had blessed holidays and a fabulous New Years Eve! Wish you the best in 2015! So, as many of you who know me personally, I've promised to blog more often and start 2015 in a productive way and I'll do my best to achive this. 

As many of us feel January can be a bit of a boring, and poor month after spending a little too much money on the chiatmas gifts, diffrent holiday-outfits and party-refreshments. Also it's a boring month as a lot of us have rutines to go back to and the everyday-life is not quite as exciting as the holiday festives. 

To brighten this month a little I think a bit of shopping can do the trick. Here are som favourites I found on And of course, everything has a low price to keep January stylish and our wallets grateful!

Lits of love, 

              Dress, New Look 15 £

             Crop Top, Asos, 12£

           Blouse, River Island, 26£

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